Frequently Asked Questions

Is Acupuncture Effective?

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have been practiced as medical modalities for over2500 years. In addition, we recently have seen many studies where the efficacy of Acupuncture is clear. The WHO has recommended Acupuncture for the following categories and examples of disorders:

Acupuncture can help! For more information on Acupuncture treatment and efficacy, see the following links and articles:

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  5. Journal of The American Medical Association on Acupuncture- Good Acupuncture is more than a placebo.
How Many Treatments Are Needed?

For acute conditions, a treatment or two can be enough (an acute back spasm, neck spasm, labor induction, a migraine, etc…) but for more chronic ailments, 80% of patients will see results within 1-3 treatments. 90% of patients will see results within 6 treatments. Timing is essential to build on these effects. If the treatments seem to be working, the goal is then to space out the therapy until no further therapy is needed or occasional “booster” visits.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

Patients often experience the most dramatic results in the first treatment. Some patients experience an immediate total or partial relief of their pain or other symptoms. This relief may last or some pain may return. There may be no immediate relief only to notice the symptom diminish over the next couple of days (17-36 hours.) Generally, you should expect to feel better. 

Most patients will have more questions than this site can answer. The practitioner is accustomed to answering questions such as: Should I continue to see my medical doctor? Should I continue taking my present medication? What should I eat? Is there anything I can do for myself at home? What signs of success should I look for first and after how long? You should discuss all of your questions in person with your practitioner.